Our Ranch's Story

Crowfoot J Ranch & Meats is located in Teton Valley Idaho. The ranch has been family operated for nearly 100 yrs. We pride ourselves in raising the best grass fed/finished beef, pasture raised chicken, and pasture raised pork. We use humane animal handling practices to ensure that our animals live a carefree life on our ranch. The ranch started as a small sheep ranch with George Dewey at the helm. In 1949 his son Joe designed and registered the current brand with the State of Idaho. James and his wife, Valerie, moved back to the ranch in 1992. They took an active role in the cow/calf operation with Jame’s dad, Jim. The Crowfoot J Meats business was started in 2016 when Jesse ( 5th generation) and wife, Amber, moved back to the ranch. It has been a growing business offering retail and wholesale cuts of black angus and hereford beef and seasonally offering whole chicken and pork. 

The ranch is nestles on the west side of the Teton Mountain range, in Teton Valley. The cattle sustainably graze on 1400+ acres of private owned and leased land.